Settimo Drake Bauta

Seventh in line to the Bauta Famiglia


Settimo is a young noble from the Bauta Famiglia. Initially not taking his role in the Famiglia seriously he was forced to change his ways. With an education and enough wealth backing him he’s set out to make his mark in history.


Settimo was born into a life of luxury and prestige which he used to the fullest. In his early years he led a life of decadence and hedonism, using his wealth and title to buy his way out of any trouble he landed in. However, with the threat of being cut off from the Famiglia’s coffers he straightened himself out and went to the Scuola di fuoco.

Here he studied under the watchful glares of what he considered his inferiors, the Artechinne. Not that he’s be so rude as to voice this opinion, well fact. Despite his efforts he continually struggled in all studies except the history of the nobility and modern politics. But he learned that good manners and feigned interest got him far with his Artechinne lecturers who took a liking to the young man. The only part of his school years he really enjoyed were the fencing practices after his chemistry lectures. Here he found the Zanni pupils to be easy friends. Despite not being bred for it as the others put it Settimo became an outstanding duelist only losing to his best friend Rosario.

Settimo came to see that contrary to his upbringing all the Famiglias were an important part of the society he lived in. His dedication to Abadar made him likable to some of the more moderate Volta Larva, although he couldn’t put up with some of the more zealous members. He even came to admire the dedication the Artechinne had to their chosen fields of study. Although he saw their necessity he couldn’t get over his distaste for the nouveau riche that make up the Colombina Famiglia. Although he still has the wit to keep such thoughts to himself.

Settimo Drake Bauta

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