Rosario Acconcio

Settimo's dueling partner


A lawful evil swordmaster


Born in a poorer district of Palazzo, Rosario had it rough as a child. Always getting into fights with other children and his teachers he was a troublesome student. It seemed he’d have little success in life until a scholarship in the form of a duelling tournament was made by the Scuola di fuoco. Rosario practised as hard as he could and placed first in the tournament. It was the proudest moment of his life. He’d overcome humble beginnings to go to the most prestigious university in Palazzo.

It wasn’t all he’d hoped for. Turns out he actually had to study. Failing the vast majority of his classes he took respite in the fencing society. Quickly rising to being the leader, at least that earned him some respect and those who made fun of him were quickly called out and put in their place. One such person was a Bauta by the name of Settimo. Making a snide remark about Rosario’s acceptance into the school with a scholarship, within the hour both were facing each other swords in hand.

Settimo held his own only briefly before going on the defensive and being thoroughly beaten. But having taken a flair for it Settimo began to attend fencing and eventually swallowed his pride and apologised to Rosario properly. Although despite his efforts he never beat Rosario once in a duel.

Settimo introduced Rosario to Celeste who was to help them all graduate successfully. Someone needed to help them after all. Over time the three became inseparable friends, even if Settimo was insufferable at times and Celeste a bit obsessive.

It was at this time Rosario was told of his family’s passing. They had all perished in a house fire. Without telling his friends he sneaked off to the funeral, not wanting them to know. He didn’t know why but he didn’t want to burden them. Unbeknownst to him they followed him. Settimo in an impressive display of selfishness and stupidity berated Rosario for not telling them. But with some correction from Celeste they explained he always had family in those two.

So come graduation when asked if he wanted to live at Settimo’s estate Rosario accepted. Well until he finds his own calling in life.

Rosario Acconcio

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