Magic in Palazzo

Magic is a well known and reasonably well documented phenomenon in the world of Firenze, and almost anyone you encounter who uses magic will have attended a university to do so. Magic is not illegal to study outwith the universities, but to do so is dangerous and is much easier to do in the safety of people who know what they are doing.

In terms of using magic to break dimensions, this is rather safe in Firenze. Eidolons can be summoned through, and the Santi won’t respond to less than their money is worth, so to speak. There are precious few eldritch horrors to summon, and once in Firenze are reported to the correct authorities and dealt with.

As magic is considered a field of academia, priests from various orders have made attempts, of varying degrees, to censor and promote certain forms. Necromancy is considered foul by the followers of Soli E Lune and Santi Giuria, yet the followers of the Santi Morte encourage it’s use. Divine magics are agreed, almost unanimously, to be worth studying in the eyes of the priesthood, and academia does what academia does best – ignore the outside world and continue studying.


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