Universities in Palazzo

Universities litter Palazzo, and indeed, most of Firenze. They began as scholae of the Patria Unitae Populi, and many have fewer than a hundred students to their name. While the most famous universities in Palazzo specialise in magic, all universities teach courses of natural philosophy, history, languages, geography, mathematics and other such studies. Not all universities are the playground of the rich, as Famiglia will often sponsor a university to ensure that it maintains the subjects it needs on the curriculum – such as accounting or shipwriting.

Some well known universities

Scuola di fuoco

Also known by rival academics as Scuola di fuliggine, the large red brick building has it’s campus in the heart of the nobles quarter. Steadfast and proud,it is well known for its weaponised magic students, as well as its fierce pride it displays in the quality of fencers it producers. When not setting each other ablaze, students learn extensive history and grande politique studies, as well as geography and mathematics. As it is one of the oldest universities in Palazzo, it is favoured by the Bauta to send their more prestigious offspring there.

Scuola di usignolo

The Scuola di usignolo is nestled at the tail end of the Greater Market, and is a long campus, with the most beautiful choir in the city, and most gorgeous acoustics available when it was built. With the latest in modern technology, they have acquired an organ, and then have set about finding someone who can play it. The university specialises in oratory and music, and the Colombina who regularly attend are well spoken and versed in literature.

Scuola di nodi

The Scuola di nodi is sponsored by the Zanni, and it shows. Located at the Greater Docks, nearest the land, it has a rigorous sporting and physical discipline. Geography and military history are taught on the curriculum, alongside basic philosophy, which shocks most. The magic taught here is often combat related, but has also produced those who use shaman-like abilities and witch craft, as neither is forbidden and allow one to have good physique.

Scuola di carta

To the surprise of noone, the Artechinne dedicated university has the largest library in Palazzo. It is built on the land itself, in order to construct large basement areas at its own expense. It offers the widest curriculum available at any one university – nearly any subject is taught, and if it isn’t, knowing how to teach it will land you a job there. It produces the alchemists, the architects and the more…unusual magicians.

Scuola di fede

The Volta Larva paid a large sum to have a repurposed cathedral converted into a university, and only the most faithful of the Artechinne are allowed to administrate it. It teaches the most comprehensive theology and philosophy courses available, and train it’s numerous flock in many different ways to handle physical, mental and spiritual challenges. The academics of the university have the highest propensity to be divine spellcasters and paladins, set into the narrow frame of conviction.


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